Teck mines a housing solution

Company has condominium complex built in Elkford for new workers

by Gerald Vander Pyl
Photo of houses

The Elk Valley Pointe condominiums, with their wood and rock exteriors, are seen as an attractive addition to the mountain community of Elkford. — Photo courtesy Teck

Back in 2008, Teck became aware that the lack of housing availability in the Elk Valley posed a challenge for recruiting new employees, and so the company contracted to have an 82-unit condominium development built in Elkford, said Nic Milligan, Teck’s manager of community and governmental affairs.

Milligan said Teck owned some land in Elkford that was serviced and zoned appropriately for the project, which would provide much-needed rental units for its employees.

The Elk Valley Pointe condominiums opened in August 2010, and Milligan said the response from tenants has been positive.

The 82 units are very nicely finished with features such as granite countertops, Milligan said, and they are rented to employees at full market value with no subsidies.

He said the project has made it possible to offer accommodation in Elkford to new employees, and the company feels confident that once those workers have experienced living in the community, they will decide to stay.

Dean McKerracher, mayor of the District of Elkford, said the condos have been a great addition to the community, not only for their practical purpose as accommodations but also as an attractive development.

“They are very nice looking,” he said, “and I think they will set a new trend for buildings in the downtown core.”

McKerracher said Teck also worked with the District on a design for the site that would ensure run-off from melting snow in the spring would not overwhelm the current storm water system. Because the project would include a large paved parking lot, that would reduce the amount of land that could naturally absorb water.

The design has worked great, McKerracher said, with no problems caused by run-off.

He added that the condominium project was just one of the numerous ways that Teck has supported the District and all its residents, including a recent $1-million donation towards the new $6-million Elkford Community Centre currently under construction.

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