International News: Rio to host largest wind power event in Latin America

View of stage at Brazil Windpower event.

Brazil Windpower is the largest wind power event in Latin America. — Photo courtesy Brazil Windpower/file

Rio de Janeiro will host the ninth edition of Brazil Windpower, the largest wind power event in Latin America, starting Wednesday, August 8th. For three days, representatives of the industry, in Brazil and in world, and authorities will be discussing the future of the industry, as well as presenting its novelties, at the Sulamérica Convention Center. The expectation is that, over the next four years, the sector is to invest R$60 billion in new projects across the country.

Responsible for 7% of the Brazilian electricity matrix, the wind power sector employs 150,000 workers directly and indirectly. According to the Brazilian Wind Energy Association, the number of opportunities is likely to double with the new already contracted investments. According to Brazil Windpower organizers, the event, since its last editions, has been reflecting the good moment experienced by the industry, creating an environment conducive to new investors.

A clean and renewable source, wind power stands out for its competitive market potential worldwide. According to the latest Global Wind Energy Annual Report released by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), more than 52 GW of clean and emission-free wind power was added worldwide last year, bringing total installations to 539 GW globally.

Brazil started generating wind power in 2005 and ranks ninth in the list of countries with more installed capacity. Today, production exceeds 10 GW of installed capacity in 433 wind farms, supplying about 15 million homes, in addition to factories and commerce. This corresponds to 7% of the Brazilian electricity matrix. By 2020, considering only contracts that have been executed and auctions that have been carried out, the industry expects to reach 18 GW.

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