A troubleshooting tool

This camera is an analytic device with mining applications

Fastec Imaging’s TS5 High-Speed Camera’s slow-motion footage provides optimal analyzation of blasting operations.

Fastec Imaging’s TS5 High-Speed Camera’s slow-motion footage provides optimal analyzation of blasting operations. — Photo courtesy Fastec Imaging

Slow motion has many applications—reviewing whether or not a player got into the end zone to score a touchdown, watching a great white shark burst upwards through the ocean and into the sky and seeing what the heck you just blew up.

Troubleshooting your blasting operations shouldn’t leave anything to question. Your iPhone camera is great for selfies, not so much for high-speed imaging slow-motion replay. Fastec Imaging’s TS5 high-speed hand-held camera is the prime camera to record all your mining and blasting operations. Analyze events you’ve been missing with normal speed video by slow-mo replay. Inspect rock movement and determine the effects of blasts with high-speed imaging. Make sure blast holes are firing at the correct times to increase blast vibrations and reduce rock fragmentation.

Fastec’s TS5 model has a large built-in LCD touch screen which runs on batteries and fits easily in your hand. High-definition video can be shot between 2,560 x 2,080 at 230 frames per second (FPS) to 800 x 600 at 1,650 FPS.  Images are immediately saved from the moment you record high-speed bursts of thousands of images at a time.

Variety is available for your choice of camera. Fastec provides four models to choose from, starting at about $13,000. That will get you started on the TS5 base model, which is a cost-effective solution to record high-speed events and analyze them in slow motion. Interact with your TS5 via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Plug in and transfer images wherever you are with the USB and SD ports. Don’t worry about running out of memory; the internal storage drive stores up to two terabytes.

Witness your blasting operations in a way you never have before with Fastec Imaging’s TS5 high-speed hand-held camera.

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