Nolinor Aviation: Beyond expectation

How to transport your crew with ease

Nolinor Aviation rises up to overcome customers’ unique challenges.

Nolinor Aviation rises up to overcome customers’ unique challenges. — Photo courtesy Nolinor Aviation

Time is money—you know that. When your entire crew shows up to the jobsite on time and well rested, it’s going to be a productive day of work. You benefit, and so do they. If they’re each taking different flights from various cities, that’s not a guarantee. When the baby in seat 13-B cries the entire trip while your workers are trying to rest up, that’s a problem. Eliminate holdups, headaches, delays and what-if scenarios by flying Nolinor Aviation.

Solution-oriented business

“This company was created to find solutions for a very specific customer,” said Marco Prud’homme, vice president of Nolinor Aviation. “Every customer who comes to Nolinor has a specific need and we are tailoring our service accordingly. We do fly-out services for the mining industry. We don’t do regular flights. We’re not trying to suit the need of our customer on our schedule, it’s the other way around.”

Doing it differently

Air travel is thick with competition, but Nolinor doesn’t do business the way most other airlines are run. “We deal directly with businesses,” said Prud’homme. We don’t deal with the general public. That’s the big difference.”

Customer service on such a large scale gives Nolinor Aviation the flexibility to superserve businesses in a way they’re not used to. “Every time somebody had a specific need that we could not answer with the current fleet, we look into buying new planes or different types of planes to supply that need.”

Prud’homme was approached by a mining company and asked if Nolinor could supply a service out of Edmonton to Yellowknife to its mining site. Nolinor wasn’t set up in Edmonton at that time but in order to meet the need of a client, they made it work and now have a home base in Edmonton.

“We’re really into finding solutions for our customer,” he said. “We have that flexibility to be whatever that need is. Anytime someone requires a plane, we move the team out and that’s how we do business.”

Ahead of the curve

Nolinor Aviation is proactive rather than reactive, which keeps them a step ahead of the game. They invest heavily in equipment and training pilots. The company has installed a skytrack system into every aircraft they have in the fleet which allows them to track those aircraft in real time. Air control is able to share information with the pilot, sending messages back and forth.

“A lot of airlines aren’t able to send information out to their crew,” Prud’homme said. “We can do that around the globe.”

That kind of superior communication helps Nolinor maintain an on-time departure rate of 98.5 per cent year-round, ensuring workers safely arrive at their destination when they’re supposed to. 

Apart from making things simple for business owners, their employees reap the benefit of flying with Nolinor Aviation. “If you leave from Mirabel, we have a lounge, a waiting room, a restaurant, and we have over 1,000 spaces of parking,” said Prud’homme. “Basically the employee will drive up to Mirabel, park there for free, board the aircraft, and will come back maybe two or three weeks later. That’s the type of service that we offer.”

Service with a smile

Nolinor doesn’t just service the mining industry; some of their other clientele includes members of the United Nations and the Montreal Alouettes. Whoever flies Nolinor Aviation, the feedback always comes back the same: “People like the in-flight service that we give,” said Prud’homme. “We have very friendly people and they’re always going beyond expectations, making sure every passenger need is fulfilled. What happens on the flight is one thing. What happens before and after the flight are the small things that people appreciate.”

Those who fly Nolinor know what to expect—the highest comfort and the most stress-free way to travel.

“Any mine that is looking to create a fly-out service, make sure they go with Nolinor Aviation,” said Prud’homme. “Within 10 years we went from the underdog to the major player. There’s not really any limits to the kind of service we can apply.”  

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