Top active mines in Ontario

Check out some of the leading active mines in the province of Ontario

by Danielle Cameron
Vale company operations

A leader in Ontario’s mining industry, Vale operates a number of mines and is having tremendous success as a result. — Photo courtesy Rail-Veyor Technologies

Ontario has a rich mining industry, being the largest Canadian producer of gold, platinum, nickel and group metals. It’s also the second largest producer of copper. Have a look at some of the top mines in this province, and find out what each one contributes to the thriving Ontario mining industry.

Bell Creek Mine
: Porcupine, Ontario
Owner: Pan American

The Bell Creek Mine was recently acquired from Tahoe Resources Inc. by Pan America. The underground mine is expected to produce gold until 2025 at least.

Black Fox Mine
: 10 kilometres east of Matheson, Ontario
Owner: McEwen Mining

The Black Fox Mine has excellent potential for growth, and it was acquired by McEwen Mining back in 2017. It’s expected to offer new targets for expansion and additional exploration opportunities.

Coleman Mine (Sudbury Operations)
: Sudbury, Ontario
Owner: Vale

The Coleman Mine is part of the Sudbury Operations, which have been going strong for more than a century. Its commodities include nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold and silver.

Copper Cliff Mining Operations (Sudbury Operations)
: Sudbury, Ontario
Owner: Vale

The north and south Copper Cliff mines produce nickel, cobalt, copper, gold, silver, platinum and palladium. They are 100 per cent owned and operated by Vale.

Creighton Mine (Sudbury Operations)
: Sudbury, Ontario
Owner: Vale

The underground Creighton Mine has the distinction of being the deepest nickel mine in Canada. In addition to nickel, it also produces platinum, gold, silver, copper, cobalt and palladium.

Detour Lake Mine
: Detour Lake, Ontario
Owner: Detour Gold

The Detour Lake Mine is 185 kilometres northeast of Cochrane. It’s an open-pit gold mine that is expected to continue operating until at least 2035.

Eagle River Complex
: 50 kilometres west of Wawa, Ontario
Owner: Wesdome Gold Mines

The Eagle River Complex includes the Eagle River Underground Mine and the Mishi Open Pit Mine. Since the complex began operations, the combined facilities have produced more than 1,050,000 ounces of gold.

Fraser Mine (Sudbury INO)
: 32 kilometres northwest of Sudbury, Ontario
Owner: Glencore

Fraser Mine is one of two mines incorporated in Glencore's Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (Sudbury INO). In addition to nickel, it produces cobalt, copper, gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Nickel Rim South Mine
: 19 kilometres northeast of Sudbury, Ontario
Owner: Glencore

The second of the Sudbury INO mines, the Nickel Rim South Mine is Sudbury’s largest mining operation. Nickel and copper are the main metals found here, but cobalt, gold, silver, platinum and palladium are also produced.

Porcupine Operation
Location: Timmins, Ontario
Owner: Gold Corp. Inc.

This open-pit/underground mine is one of Canada’s largest gold producers and is a major local employer.

Red Lake Mine
: Red Lake, Ontario
Owner: Gold Corp. Inc.

The Red Lake Mine is one of the most profitable gold mines in the world, with estimated reserves of 3.23 million ounces.

Victor Diamond Mine
: James Bay Lowlands, Ontario
Owner: De Beers Group

This open-pit operation was Canada’s first diamond mine. The Victor Diamond Mine staff have earned a number of safety and business awards over the years.

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