Canadian stone quarrier Polycor Inc. invests in Europe with the acquisition of 4 limestone quarries

by Keith Powell
One of Polycor's white marble quarries called Bethel White Star.

One of Polycor's white marble quarries called Bethel White Star. — Photo courtesy Polycor Inc.

Polycor Inc. announces the acquisition of four of Rocamat's limestone quarries located in Burgundy, France.

The Canadian-based company is known for its vast portfolio of historic stones that were once used in the construction of North America. Polycor Inc. has recently acquired four French limestone quarries, including the well-known Massangis stone. For centuries, these stones have been used to build structures in France, including the Louvre Museum, the Louis Vuitton Foundation and the base of the Eiffel Tower.

The company has indicated that they intend to invest in updating the equipment and infrastructure of the different sites. In addition, 18 employees will be brought back to their original activities at the quarry sites, under Polycor's leadership.

"We are proud to be able to collaborate with Rocamat. It is an iconic company in France's stone industry. We are buying 4 out of the 30 quarries owned by Rocamat and we want to ensure an exemplary continuity: customers will keep their usual Rocamat contacts and representatives to obtain their supplies", explains Patrick Perus, Chief Executive Officer of Polycor Inc.

Polycor is already involved in many prestigious projects on the European continent, such as the renovation of the Grande Arche de la Défense in Paris' famous business district. Now, with an enhanced global presence, the company aims to expand the scope of its activities and offer an improved and expanded line of products from one continent to another. Thanks to Polycor's existing sales infrastructure, Canadian and American clients alike will now be able to purchase these iconic French limestones in all shapes and sizes: slabs, tiles, blocks, as well as custom made projects.

About Polycor Inc.

Founded in 1987 in Quebec City, Canada, Polycor Inc. is a leader in the natural stone industry in North America. The company's growth through acquisitions, including those of Rock of Ages and Swenson in September 2016, demonstrates its leadership position. The company now owns more than 34 quarries and 15 manufacturing plants across Canada, the United States and, now, France. Polycor Inc. has nearly 900 employees. For more information:


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