Kickstarter campaign hopes to pay tribute to Robert Service and his influence on mining in Canada

by Keith Powell
Vintage pictures of miners lining up to register their claim

Miners wait their turn in line to register their mining claims. — Photo courtesy Library and Archives Canada

Kurt Breede, VP Marketing and Senior Resource Engineer at Watts, Griffis, and McQuat Ltd., has written a screenplay based on Robert Service's poems of the Klondike Gold Rush titled "Klondike - The Shooting of Dan McGrew".  He has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of a 2 to 3 minute action-packed teaser trailer to promote the film's production. The amount they've budgeted will cover a cinema-quality product, complete with original score. That said, the more funds they can raise through this campaign, the better quality of product they hope to deliver. This means better locations, better costumes and set design, better post production, better everything. Any surplus funds we raise will be used for the marketing and promotion of the film.  The Kickstarter page can be found at this address:

Miners ascending the steep, snowy summit of Chilkoot Pass.

Miners ascending the steep, snowy summit of Chilkoot Pass. — Photo courtesy Library and Archives Canada

​The​ overarching goal is to pay tribute Robert Service's contributions to Canadian literature, and to underscore the influence that he, and mining, have played in shaping our country's northern identity.​  ​More details about the project can be found on the Official Klondike Movie website:​  ​

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