#ThisIsMining illustrates how mining affects everyone

The Ontario Mining Association celebrates a milestone a century in the making

(L to R) Chris Hodgson, president of the Ontario Mining Association; Marc Lauzier, mine general manager for Newmont Goldcorp’s Porcupine Gold Mine; Duncan Middlemiss, president and CEO of Wesdome Mines; and Mike McCann, head of mining and milling for North Atlantic Operations.

(L to R) Chris Hodgson, president of the Ontario Mining Association, Marc Lauzier; mine general manager for Newmont Goldcorp’s Porcupine Gold Mine; Duncan Middlemiss, president and CEO of Wesdome Mines; and Mike McCann, head of mining and milling for North Atlantic Operations. — Photo courtesy Ontario Mining Association

The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) will be reaching a historic milestone. The organization is celebrating its 100th anniversary on February 18th, 2020. To commemorate the occasion, OMA is taking a fresh look at the role of mining in our lives with a new campaign called #ThisisMining that is meant to cultivate curiosity and discovery and to show how mining affects everyone—not just the mining community. The kick off begins this August and will last through 2020.

“We’re not only celebrating the last 100 years of mining in Ontario, we’re looking ahead to the next 100 years,” said Chris Hodgson, president of the Ontario Mining Association. “We have a rich history and a promising future.”

Green prospects

One of the points of emphasis for #ThisisMining is showcasing OMA’s initiatives for a sustainable, green future.

“You need mining to produce a green economy,” Hodgson said. “Electric cars, windmills, turbines—that’s all the stuff that we make. For the modern world, as it transitions from a petrol economy to an electric economy, that’s really beneficial for our guys and we’re excited about that future.

“I think we’ll go to zero carbon very quickly. We’re almost there now. In terms of zero waste, we’re making huge improvements on that. We’re stewards of our planet. It’s a responsibility that all of our members take very seriously. It drives our efforts to improve in every way.  We want to make sure that our legacy is one where we leave the planet in as good a shape as when we found it.”

A bright sign with various colours says “This is Mining.”

#ThisIsMining is a campaign being launched by the Ontario Mining Association to coincide with its 100th anniversary. — Image courtesy Ontario Mining Association

Not only are mining companies across Canada taking an aggressive and progressive approach to being environmentally conscientious, Ontario in particular leads the charge.

“Minerals produced in Ontario have the least amount of carbon emissions of any mineral produced in the world,” Hodgson said. “The world needs our products. When they buy them from Ontario, they’re mined with less carbon than anywhere else, primarily because our electricity grid is almost carbon-free. In northern Ontario, we don’t use peak power.

“Our companies want to have zero harm, zero waste and zero carbon. We’re making great improvements on that and the best is yet to come.”


One of the primary purposes of #ThisIsMining is to encourage millennials and gen-Xers to discover everything that mining in Ontario has become and all it has to offer, in essence, the adventure of mining.

“Lots of our mines are in the northern frontier in places that other people wouldn’t want to go,” Hodgson said. “It’s exciting.”

Another subject of significance is how necessary mining is today and will continue to be in the future.

“Our industry is pushing forward science, technology, engineering and math,” said Hodgson. “We pull the minerals and metals from the Earth that make our modern world possible.”

Not only is mining an essential cog in society, its improved working conditions make mining even more attractive to those who have always been on the outside looking in.

“As more techniques are discovered and science is used more, you’ll see a safer workplace,” Hodgson said. “It’s safe right now—we have a 96 per cent improvement in our safety records. Mining is one of the safest industries in Ontario.”

Spread the word

The members of OMA have come up with several creative ways to spread the message of #ThisIsMining. A collection of testimonials have been compiled about people who are in the industry and have a connection to mining, highlighting the legacy of the builders and contributions in various Ontario communities. Information will be presented at Ontario Hockey League games in the fall, primarily in southern Ontario. The Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto will have a food display that will have a connection to mining. Social media will play a vital role as well, exhibiting what #ThisIsMining is all about.


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