Podcast: One-on-one ​Interview with ​MABC president, ​Bryan Cox

Bryan Cox

Bryan Cox

Canadian Mining and Energy magazine recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bryan Cox, President and CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia.

Bryan took over the reins as President and CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia earlier in 2017. He explains in this Podcast episode what the main role of the mining association is and what his key responsibilities and objectives are. Bryan also highlights the importance of connecting the mining sector with all British Columbians and its historic and current role in the economy.

He addresses some of the key issues facing the mining sector and how the mining association is working to advocate on behalf of the future of the industry. 

As President and CEO, he has two strong focuses:

  • Mining competitiveness on the world stage.
  • Raising mining awareness and the role it plays in the movement toward a lower carbon economy. 

Bryan talks about working with the new BC Government and the new British Columbia Mines minister, Michelle Mungall. He explains why engagement is important, so that government understands the industry's needs and challenges.

He discusses new mine development and the fact that a number of new mines have opened and others are re-opening, like Myra Falls on Vancouver Island. Bryan also explains why the mining industry is truly a technology industry and discusses the essential role the industry has to play in the future of B.C.'s economy.

Thank you to Bryan Cox, President and CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia for being our guest on the Canadian Mining & Energy Podcast.

Watch for future episodes of the Canadian Mining and Energy Podcast.

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