Cooper launches new line of truck and bus radial tires

Cooper targets fleet operators with three engineered tire series

by Timothy Fowler
Pro Series sidewall view.

Pro Series sidewall view. — Photo courtesy Cooper Tire

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has developed Cooper brand truck and bus radial (TBR) tires, engineered to deliver quality and value with the goal of reducing overall costs for fleet program costs.

Cooper commercial PRO, WORK and SEVERE series tires are designed to deliver specific performance characteristics for designated applications:

  • PRO Series tires, designed for long-haul, are built with proprietary compounds and tread designs that provide a balance of fuel efficiency and long miles to removal.  
  • WORK Series tires, designed for regional-haul, pickup and delivery, combine fuel efficiency and tread life with scrub-resistant properties.
  • SEVERE Series tires, designed for mixed service, are engineered for the most demanding applications with tires built to withstand heavy-scrub and cut-chip environments.

“We are excited to expand our TBR business with the launch of our Cooper brand TBR tire lines. Fleets are continually faced with the pressure of lowering their operating costs, and tires are an area that can have a big impact on meeting those targets. Our North American team of engineers developed the Cooper brand truck tires with a focus on lowering the total cost of ownership for fleets, making these tires an attractive choice,” said Gary Schroeder, director of Cooper’s Global Truck and Tire Business.

Severe Series tread profile.

Severe Series tread profile. — Photo courtesy Cooper Tire

The Cooper WORK Series RHA and RHT have Scrub Guard technology, which features proprietary compounds and proven tread designs to minimize the impact of severe driving conditions. The Cooper WORK Series RHA is a premium 22.5/32nds deep, four-rib tread design all-position tire that provides a wide footprint needed to maximize traction and wear. The tapered grooves and stone ejectors are designed to resist stone drilling, a casing’s worst enemy.

The Cooper WORK Series RHT is a premium high-scrub and cut-and-chip-resistant trailer tire. With tread depths ranging from 16/32nds to 18/32nds, the WORK Series RHT utilizes a proven combination of tread design and compounding to take on severe turning on both tandem and spread-axle trailers.

“Tires are the fourth biggest operating cost after fuel, wages and equipment,” said David Schroeder, dispatcher with Schroeder Transportation in St. Albert, Alberta. “Scrub-resistant tires are critical especially for Super-B’s first and third axle.”

The Cooper SEVERE Series MSA is a premium 24/32nds high-scrub and cut-and-chip-resistant all-position mixed service tire. Tread design and compounding make the Cooper SEVERE Series MSA one tough tire. The tire is built to take on severe turning, impacts and off-road driving conditions. The tough, full-width, four-belt construction ensures the casing will provide multiple retreads. Cooper SEVERE Series tires feature Scrub Guard and Chip Guard technology. The SEVERE Series MSD drive tire will be introduced in late 2018.

Cooper brand commercial truck and bus tires will be launched in Canada in the Fall of 2018.

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