RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology

RECCO radar signal applications bring safety solutions to the mining industry

A helicopter is flying low in a snowy mountainous terrain.

RECCO began as a solution to ski hill disasters, specifically avalanche search-and-rescue missions. — Photo courtesy RECCO

RECCO works with adventure brands and search-and-rescue organizations to implement radar signal reflectors for outdoor adventurers and workers worldwide.

RECCO uses radar signals to save lives

RECCO reflectors are a simple solution to the need for search-and-rescue technology. RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology uses a passive reflector and active radar signal to locate individuals in search-and-rescue campaigns.

The RECCO passive reflector is easily integrated into outdoor equipment and does not disturb the design of the equipment used. It is only four grams in weight and does not require activation or a power source.

Most search-and-rescue missions are challenged by the elements and terrain. Mountainscapes, thick forest and nightfall are among some of those challenges. In these cases, large teams are deployed on inefficient ground searches. If missing persons were wearing RECCO reflectors on their clothing, they would be found more quickly and would require fewer resources.

RECCO expands to high-tech adventure brands

Previously, RECCO had been used primarily in high-altitude search-and-rescue campaigns—most notably, avalanche cases on ski hills—with a handheld detector holding the active radar signal. Recently, RECCO created a helicopter-carried detector with a much longer signal reach: RECCO SAR. This detector is lightweight and successfully scans one square kilometre in only three to six minutes.

RECCO reflectors have been integrated into a variety of adventure clothing brands. This year’s new RECCO products include the Haglöfs LIM Bield jacket. This water- and wind-proof jacket is minimalistic and lightweight, but offers the safety of a RECCO reflector in the hood brim. Other brands and products recently equipped with RECCO reflectors are POC helmets, Ortovox backpacks, Beal climbing harnesses and Dachstein hiking shoes.

New applications in extreme outdoor work environments

The improvements to the technology widen the range of possible uses for RECCO reflectors and prepare users for rescue in more difficult conditions year-round.

Anyone working in Canada’s wilderness would benefit. Applications include individuals exploring and developing new mining operations in avalanche-prone areas and extreme construction teams in Canada’s backcountry. RECCO can be used to improve outdoor safety worldwide.

Moving forward with RECCO products

Currently, RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology is being used worldwide by over 800 rescue organizations, including those in Switzerland, Italy and Norway.

RECCO hopes its Advanced Rescue Technology will spread to create a global rescue system, unifying and simplifying search-and-rescue campaigns. The company also continues to work on improving the product’s signal range to decrease rescue time.

Learn more about new RECCO reflector products.


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