The Halo Light guides the way

Visibility and safety shine through Illumagear’s Halo Light

Illumagear’s Halo Light.

Illumagear’s Halo Light. — Photo courtesy

Would you rather see a little or see a lot? On one head you have the standard headlamp, which allows workers to see a small space directly in front of them. On the other is a full-on halo of light which rests comfortably on a worker’s hard hat, instead of floating angelically above a person’s head. Illumagear’s appropriately named Halo Light brightens up a room or space in every direction. The Halo Light enhances peripheral vision, which helps prevent slips, trips and falls for the wearer. It’s visible up to a quarter of a mile away, which protects the wearer from being struck by a vehicle or caught between objects.

Workplace illuminated by halo light

The Halo Light provides light throughout the entire workspace. — Photo courtesy

Besides improving safety, the Halo Light pumps out a lot of power—up to 276 lumens. Its rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours so work will not need to be interrupted by fiddling with batteries or connecting to a power source. The Halo Light is designed to endure a lot of punishment. It’s run the gamut as far as durability is concerned with tests ranging from vehicle drive-overs, submersion into a slurry pan and a three-storey drop onto concrete.

Man illuminated by halo light

Be seen from a quarter of a mile away with the Halo Light. — Photo courtesy

If visibility and safety are concerns at your jobsite then Illumagear’s Halo Light may be the light at the end of the tunnel you’ve been looking for.

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