VersaTube Building Systems provides customized storage

Let Easy Build Systems protect your mining equipment

Each structure is customized to suit your needs.

Each structure is customized to suit your needs. — Photo courtesy Easy Build Structures

Quick installation and durable longevity are how most customers define VersaTube Building Systems. The pre-engineered steel building kits are perfect for storage structures like garages, sheds, shelters and barns, but they can also be insulated to accommodate occupation as needed. The customization capabilities mean these simple frames can be transformed into over 1,000 structures.

VersaTube doesn’t joke about durability: the galvanized steel frame doesn’t warp, withstands harsh climates and is immune to fire, insect damage and rot. What makes these structures extra special though is their patented slip-fit frame connections—strong but perfect for a do-it-yourself project as the system was originally intended.

Easy Build Structures

Easy Build Structures is based in Surrey, British Columbia. The company is the exclusive distributor of VersaTube Building Systems for British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska, providing Canadian mining operations with the structures needed on sites dealing with harsh Canadian climates.

Clayton Mickey, owner of Easy Build Structures, was drawn to the VersaTube System because of the quality and ease he could offer his clients. “It provides a strong, durable, quick building solution,” he said. “Our product provides a simplified and expedited installation process for maintaining durability and strength, especially with our Canadian climate. Everything is pre-engineered. Everything slip-fits together with the patented VersaTube System.” He knew his customers would appreciate the high-end product and simplified process.

How it works

Easy Build Structures offers complimentary site visits for quotes, installation services and engineering packages. Every quote is customized to meet the customer’s needs, ranging from roof coverage to partially enclosed or fully enclosed. Once the design is decided, Clayton’s team puts the package together and ships it to the customer.

Working with this Canadian distributor, customers can expect personalized service. “We are a one-man operation in the sense that you deal with me start to finish,” said Mickey. His team can install your new building or leave you to do it yourself if you would prefer.

Mining operations typically require commercial steel buildings for storage, but Easy Build Structures can create any type of steel building the site could need because of its endless customizations. Possible customizations include doors, windows and insulation as well as roof coverage only to protect equipment or fully enclosed office and storage units insulated for year-round use.

A job well done

Both Mickey’s team and his customers are pleased with the VersaTube System. His customers are impressed with the low-stress process—one of the perks of working with Easy Build Structures is the simplified, personal experience. “Customer service is high for us,” Mickey said. “Customers deal with someone locally who they know is going to answer the phone to make sure they get the project done the way they need it to.”

Learn more about the services Easy Build Structures offers online.

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