Photo of Keith Powell
Keith Powell

Keith Powell is the publisher and founder of Kootenay Business magazine which is part of the Koocanusa Publications group.

Photo of Jillian Clark
Jillian Clark

Jillian learns something new with each story she writes for Mining & Energy. See more of Jill’s work at

Photo of Kyle Born
Kyle Born

Kyle has held a variety of job titles through the years: radio announcer, voice actor, English teacher, delivery driver, missionary, wedding DJ, comedian and several other things that he may have forgotten because his memory isn’t always the best, which is why he writes things down.

Photo of ​Peter Caulfield​
​Peter Caulfield​

Peter Caulfield is a Vancouver freelancer and Mining and Energy contributor.

Photo of Timothy Fowler
Timothy Fowler

Timothy Fowler is a management consultant and contributes to Mining and Energy Magazine as a freelance writer.