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CR Metal Fabricators

Explosives transport boxes

CR Metal Fabricators

A Mining breakthrough

CR Metal Fabricators has broken into the mining industry with its proprietary explosives transport boxes. Also used in forestry, road building, and oil and gas, CR Metals’ boxes range from aluminum bolt-in boxes that fit in a pick-up box to complete carrier bodies fabricated from steel with nonsparking urethane lining.

Both models and custom units utilize barrier laminate dividers to separate the explosive area and the detonator.  The barriers are constructed of tough, dense, wood and metal composite insulation that is hard to source and even harder to manufacture. Carrier bodies are also equipped with accessory storage cabinets and drill steel carrier tubes.

“For us, the mining market is growing like crazy,” said Rob Beetstra, company president. “We have new customers near Dease Lake, Watson Lake, Fort MacMurray  and as far as Newfoundland. It is definitely a market we intend to continue pursuing.”