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EV Momentum Inevitability

Despite the fact that full-EV underground mines remain the exception to the diesel rule, Maclean Engineering is confident that the EV wave is taking root.

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The All-Electric Mine of the Future, and the Need for Good Roadbeds NOW

MacLean doesn't do graders. We didn’t do graders, that is, until we launched our EV Series of long battery life, regenerative braking mining vehicles.

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Heavy-duty mining equipment.

Maclean Engineering: Annual Innovation Report—January 2018

MacLean took the opportunity that industry downturn presented over the past several years to focus intensely on three key product development ventures.

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The user experience of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in underground mining

Switching out diesel fuel for battery electricity on mobile equipment is as much of a user experience exercise as it is an engineering exercise.

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Learn how electric powered mining vehicles can provide savings of $150,000 per year

Battery powered fleets can greatly reduce production costs while making a safer working environment. We invite you to learn what the buzz is all about.

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About Maclean Engineering

MacLean Engineering designs mining equipment that increases productivity, reduces costs and enhances operator safety by leveraging multi-discipline engineering expertise, hard rock mining knowledge, and custom manufacturing experience. The company’s design and manufacturing base is in southern Ontario, Canada (Barrie, Collingwood, Owen Sound), with worldwide customer service and support delivered through a network of MacLean branches across Canada as well as in Australia, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.

The MacLean product suite includes platform and utility bolters, shotcrete sprayers and transmixers in the ground support category; remote operated blockholer drills, mobile rock breakers and water cannons in the ore flow/secondary reduction category; and, Mine-Mate TM scissor lifts, boom lifts, boom trucks, ANFO/emulsion chargers, personnel carriers, fuel/lube trucks, cassette trucks, fan and pipe handlers and service drills in the utility vehicles and attachments category.

MacLean EV Series – Full-Fleet Electrification that connects the mining cycle to the battery cycle

In 2015, the company turned its product development attention towards designing a full fleet of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that would respond to the mining industry’s growing need for cost containment through energy and mine design efficiencies, along with improving underground air quality for miners. The MacLean approach to electric propulsion is built on giving customers access to best-in- class battery, electric motor, onboard charging, and vehicle analytics technology, to deliver a safe, proven, and data-rich option for diesel-free operations in the underground environment. This is how MacLean has developed battery power, engineered for life underground.

MacLean-quality fleet electrification means:

  • High power, high density, long cycle life batteries (6,800 cycles = 8 years of operation at two full charges per day)
  • Modular battery and charger configurations that can be customized to specific underground mining applications
  • Onboard charging and voltage adaptability for seamless integration with mines’ existing power grids, from 380V to 1000V (no additional charge station infrastructure required)
  • Sophisticated battery management system with liquid cooling to safeguard optimal operating conditions (temperature & battery charge level)
  • State-of- the art monitoring system for real-time data acquisition (operators and management)
  • Availability across MacLean product lines (Ground Support, Ore Flow, Utility Vehicles – both 8-foot and 6-foot wide carriers)
  • Service & Support through eight branches on four continents (Canada, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Australia)

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