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Photo of Christa Ford
Sustainability & environment, Technology, British Columbia Reusing what is not renewable

Teck Trail Operations leads the way to a greener future by taking e-waste and recycling its usable metals.

by Kali Love
Mark Gelsomini wearing a hard hat and coveralls stands beside a truck
Technology Talk in a tech-savvy world

Mark Gelsomini has developed a unified IT communications system utilizing Wi-Fi and VoIP technology for Dundee Precious Metals

by Kali Love
Channing McCorriston, Evan Willouhby and Bryan McCrea standing in front of a shipping container
Products & equipment, Technology, Saskatchewan Think inside the box

3twenty Solutions, based in Saskatchewan, is converting shipping containers into office and living space for mining companies.

A large piece of industrial equipment inside a processing plant
Company Profiles, Products & equipment, Technology, British Columbia Knelson

Developing mineral processing technology that isolates and recovers precious metals.

At left is a shiny silver cone and right is a hand holding a shiny square object
Minerals, Sustainability & environment, Technology, British Columbia Seeing infrared

Firebird Technologies Inc. creates indium antimonide wafers—and has plans to supply more products to the solar market.

by Glynis Fediuk
A chunk of jagged, silvery rock
Minerals, Sustainability & environment, Technology, Northwest Territories The future found in the ground

Ian London explains why rare earth elements and metals are valuable and why they are the key to advancements in green energy and the health-care system.

by Kali Love

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