Excellence is a standard at CSV Midstream Solutions

The Resthaven gas plant is commissioned and running near Grande Cache, Alberta

A drone shot of Resthaven near the end of construction.

A drone shot of Resthaven near the end of construction. — Photo courtesy CSV Midstream Solutions

Resthaven is a gas processing facility located just northeast of Grande Cache, Alberta. Engineering and design for the facility began in October 2016 by CSV Midstream Solutions, a natural gas and liquids infrastructure company based out of Calgary.

Including the design stage, the entire process—construction through commissioning and now into processing—has been smooth sailing, aside from some unavoidable challenges presented by the weather.

A successful modular design

On-site construction of the project began in August 2017, but the construction of the plant’s components was already well underway. “Our design philosophy is highly modular, so the equipment modules, the piperack modules and the interconnected piping between those were all prefabricated ahead of on-site construction,” said Dan Cote, manager of projects at CSV. The idea was to simply install and connect these prefabricated modules, minimizing on-site construction time.

December 2017, setting the pipe rack modules on the piles at Resthaven.

December 2017, setting the pipe rack modules on the piles at Resthaven. — Photo courtesy CSV Midstream Solutions

Unfortunately, the area saw a lot of rain through September and October of 2017, which set the construction schedule back a bit. “We hit the ground running on construction in November 2017,” Cote said. By mid-January the modules were all installed on site, ready for final connections. Commissioning began in March 2018, and the plant was ready for processing by the end of the month.

Excellence is a standard

Resthaven’s timeline is important because CSV and its assembled team of contractors were able to get the project through to processing under budget and quicker than average for a gas plant. They attribute their success not only to the nature of the project but to the team working together.

Dan Cote, Manager of Projects at CSV Midstream Solutions

Dan Cote, Manager of Projects at CSV Midstream Solutions — Photo courtesy CSV Midstream Solutions

“The fact that we completed the project in a modular fashion is one big piece of it,” said Trent Cherry, vice-president of operations at CSV. “The fact that we had excellent collaboration between our contractors was the second piece. And I think the excellence of the individuals and companies that were involved allowed us to complete the project quickly.” Overseeing the project, the construction management team was able to co-ordinate logistics, bringing the project to production efficiently and safely.

A repeatable design

The modular design makes this project special moving forward as well. CSV Midstream Solutions designed Resthaven to be an intentionally repeatable design. “When we are building our next gas processing facility, a lot of the design work we did on this first facility will be reused for quick and easy deployment on future projects,” said Cote.

Early engagement among its vendor community is another aspect of Resthaven that CSV will repeat on future projects. This early decision built trust among teams from the start. “People knew where they fit and they all trusted each other to do their jobs,” Cherry said. “The biggest lesson learned out of it is what we should do again.”

Trent Cherry, Vice President of Operations at CSV.

Trent Cherry, Vice President of Operations at CSV. — Photo courtesy CSV Midstream Solutions

Strong company values

Based on CSV’s company values, it’s easy to see how Resthaven was able to move through from design to production so quickly and efficiently. “There are four values in our DNA that are all centred around the name CSV, which stands for ‘Creating Shared Value,’ ” said Cherry. “They are centred around excellence as the standard, building community, delivering happiness and providing a safe culture.”

Resthaven exemplifies excellence by design and a strong community within the team. From there, efficiency and safety come hand in hand, and success is a job well done at the end of the day. The goal is to continue to operate this plant efficiently and safely. “And secondly, to build on the success of this plant to secure the next project,” said Cherry. Others in the industry are particularly liking the modular design and successful project execution model. “We are in a number of different conversations,” Cherry said.

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