Five of the biggest mines in BC are in the Elk Valley, generate 64% of mining revenue

by Keith Powell
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Of the top 10 mines in B.C., five of them are located in the Elk Valley. — Photo: Teck Resources

According to a report published in the newspaper, Business in Vancouver (BIV), five of the largest mines in the province are in the Elk Valley. Other than Fording River and the Orca Quarry where revenue was up, the other mines saw revenue declines. Teck's Greenhill's mine saw production and revenue drop by more than 50%. Total revenue generated by these mines was $4.75 Billion and of that, the five Elk Valley mines generated $3.048 Billion or 64%.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Largest Mines in BC ranked by 2015 revenue:

1) Fording River—Elkford

  • Owned by Teck Resources
  • Produced: 8.5 million tonnes of coal
  • Mine Revenue: $1,097,000,000        

2) Highland Valley Copper—Logan Lake

  • Owned by Teck Resources                      
  • Produced: 151,400 tonnes of copper, 3.4 tonnes pounds of molybdenum
  • Mine Revenue: $999,000,000

3) Elkview—Sparwood

  • Owned by Teck Resources
  • Produced: 7 million tonnes of coal 
  • Mine Revenue: $914,700,000

4) Line Creek—Sparwood

  • Owned by Teck Resources
  • Produced: 3.5 million tonnes of coal 
  • Mine Revenue: $457,350,000                                                 

5) Coal Mountain—Sparwood

  • Owned by Teck Resources                                               
  • Produced: 2.7 million tonnes of coal
  • Mine Revenue: $365,880,000                       

6) Mount Milligan—Prince George

  • Owned by Thompson Creek Metals
  • Produced: 74.1 million pounds copper, 218,100 ounces of gold   
  • Mine Revenue: $360,000,000

7)  Gibraltar—Williams Lake                                                       

  • Owned by Taseko Mines Ltd 
  • Produced: 142 million pounds of copper, 963,000 pounds molybdenum
  • Mine Revenue: $289,298,000

8) Copper Mountain—Princeton

  • Owned by Copper Mountain Mining Corp  
  • Produced: 77.6 pounds of copper, 29,200 ounces of gold, 276,300 ounces silver
  • Mine Revenue: $242,000,000  

9) Greenhills—Sparwood

  • Owned by Teck Resources
  • Produced: 1.6 million tonnes of coal
  • Mine Revenue: $213,400,000

10) Orca Quarry—Port McNeill                                                   

  • Owned by Polaris Materials Corp.
  • Produced: 3.02 million tonnes sand/gravel
  • Mine Revenue: $21,806,000

Source: BIV    

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